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Welcome to The Little Church

The Little Church of Portland [TLC] is a sanctuary for community, a haven for peaceful, contemplative gatherings, and an idyllic venue for your special occasions and parties. The Little Church is perfect for hosting Intimate Weddings, Workshops, Corporate Events, Family Gatherings, Celebrations of Life, and more...

Located in the heart of the influential Alberta Arts District, The Little Church welcomes your imagination and creativity to transform this inviting space into whatever you envision for your special gathering or event.

We invite you to experience the beauty and warmth of this sweet and special place. Tours are available by appointment. Contact us today to arrange a visit.

Story of The Little Church

TLC has been a sanctuary for community since 2009. Owners Jeannette D'Antonio and Floyd Labar stumbled upon this "Diamond in the rough" in 2004 with the original intention of creating a unique residence. Inspired by several events and gatherings hosted by friends and community members, Jeannette and Floyd lovingly transformed The Little Church into being. They have been offering this unique rental venue to the Alberta Arts Community, the Greater Portland Community and beyond since 2009.

Over the years, The Little Church has been home to myriad celebrations including weddings, commitment ceremonies, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. as well as dance and theatre performances, photo shoots, spiritual, meditation and yoga workshops, team-building retreats, family reunions and art shows.

History of The Little Church

Built in 1916, the church was consecrated as a religious home for the Mennonite faith. The acoustics in the sanctuary of the church were designed specific to the a capella singing common amongst Mennonite congregations, and considered an environment to promote optimal involvement in congregational signing. An environment too, of superior acoustics for your performance or event. 

The Mennonite community used the church as its spiritual home for many years, followed by several other Christian denominations, including a Korean Baptist congregation and nondenominational International Fellowship.

Transformation into what is now The Little Church includes recognition and reverence for its founding while welcoming a wide variety of events and gatherings inspired by dynamic community, the beauty and peace of the building, its interior and grounds.